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Spiro Diamantidis was born in Thessaloniki in 1948 and grew up in Alexandroupolis of northern Greece. His father was a lawyer.
Studied medicine in the Medical School of Athens University. He was trained in homeopathic medicine near eminent homeopaths, Pierre Schmidt in Vienna and Geneva, S.Stievenson in New York, S.Pascero in Mexico, P.Ortega in Argentina, D.Chand and M. Blackie in London.
He was trained in hospitals in Vienna and London, and did his military service as a Medical Doctor in various army units and the cardiology clinic of the 426 Army Hospital in Thessaloniki
He served his internship term the provincial Medical Doctor at the Tzoumerka mountain range and Kato Kalendini villages in Arta, Greece.
He has practiced medicine  since 1976 in Athens and the twenty two clinics operated with his medical group in Greece, Cyprus, Italy, England, Canada, and Japan.
He is married to homeopathic physician Eleni Kyriakopoulou and father of three children, Adam, Victoria-Nourelia and Angelina.

His accomplishments include:
1. Founder and President of the Medical Institute for Homeopathic Research and Applications (M.I.H.R.A), founded in 1985 in Athens, ( 16797/31.10.85).
2. Founder, member and president of the Pan-Hellenic Homeopathic Medical Association (P.H.M.A) founded in 1988 in Athens, ( 2731/30.6.88).
3. Former General Secretary of the Ministry of Health Central Health Council Homeopathic Committee by ministerial decision no.Δ1Γ/2284/88.
4. Founding member of the European Council for Integrated Medicines-E.C.I.M (European committee for the promotion of alternative medical systems in the countries of the E.U, headquartered in Brussels).
5. Founding member of the European Council for Pluralism in Medicine-E.C.P.M (coordinating institution for the consolidation of alternative medical therapeutic systems and planning unified policy within the E.U, headquartered in Brussels).
6. Lecturer at Wisconsin University-Stevens Point-E.L.I, 1991-1993.
7. Member of the General Medical Council of England.
8. Visiting professor of Medicina Alternativa.
9. Doctor of Science in Medicina Alternativa.
10. Associate of the Homeopathic Medical School of London Royal Homeopathic Hospital.
11. Fellow of the British Homeopathic Medical Faculty.
12. Member of the International Hahnemanian Association.
13. Honorary president of the Pan-Cypriot Homeopathic Medical Association.
14. Honorary educational committee member of the Atlantic Homeopathic Medical College.
15. Founding Member of the European Observatory of Public Opinion (EUR.O.P.O)
16. Member or officer of 36 additional scientific organizations.

Pax Moundy award from Medicina Alternativa.
Merit of Excellence award from Academie Diplomatique de la Paix.
Ordre Mondial des Chevalier de la Paix award and honorary title, for scientific and social contribution to homeopathic medicine.
Albert Schweitzer award, honoured physician for his outstanding medical and social offer.

Educational Work:
As president of M.I.H.R.A and P.H.M.A:
Since 1985 he donates education in homeopathic medicine to medical doctors, dentists, pharmacists, veterinarians, paramedics and students of the relevant schools. He offers his book on Homeopathic Medicine-Theory, Methodology, Applications gratis to students.
He teaches internationally in many homeopathic scientific organizations.
He and his medical scientific team address medical doctors by organizing several round table discussions with the participation of representatives from all the medical institutions/unions.
He and his medical scientific team organize free public lectures (86 lectures in 1984-2007) on homeopathic medicine, biofeedback and health issues (stress, diet, drugs, cancer, AIDS etc) throughout Greece and Cyprus, under the auspices of local authorities and institutions.
He created the International Centre of Homeopathy in Porto Heli, Greece,on a private property of one hundred thousand sq.m near Epidaurus. It is an international conventional and educational centre dedicated to the alternative and holistic physicians and practitioners education globally.

Scientific Research:
He carried out and presented along with his collaborators, 85 scientific medical studies and clinical researches on homeopathic treatment to international and pan-Hellenic congresses regarding a multitude of pathological issues (diabetes mellitus, hypercholesterolemia, malignant anaemia, gastric bleeding, male and female infertility, high blood pressure, bronchial asthma, leukaemia, breast cancer, hepatoma, intestine cancer, stomach cancer, multiple myeloma, carpal tunnel syndrome, goitre etc).
He conducted and presented with his medical team 96 studies and clinical research projects on numerous biofeedback applications in international and pan-Hellenic medical congresses (chronic myalgia, hypertension, respiratory diseases, speed reading, speed learning, substance abuse, dyslexia, attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder  (ADHD), learning disabilities, high blood pressure, peptic ulcer, spastic colitis, chronic back pain, migraine, stuttering, hyperhydrosia, panic attack, phobias, sleeplessness, obesity etc)
Since 1983 he is the general director of biofeedback programs which are applied worldwide, in Greece and Cyprus, on approval and subsidization from the National Organization for Employment, within the framework of program ΛΑΕΚ 045, and in Cyprus approved and subsidized by the Human Resource Development Authority.
He is a pioneering physician who implemented biofeedback applications internationally and designed special seminars on the following issues:
1. Work related stress control and management.
2. Stress control applications for salesmen.
3. Stress control applications for managers and leading business executives.
4. Stress control applications for high performance athletes and athletic teams.
5. Stress management for diplomats.
6. Stress management in handling of crisis.
He thus created a new training school for businessmen, officials, coaches, athletes etc according to which the physician enters the professional training field as a trainer, therapist, consultant, coach and mentor for the control and management of stress.
He created the current theoretic and practical basis of homeopathy, which is founded on his authentic and innovative theory of MAN.I.N.A (Man’s Intellectual Normalities and Abnormalities), that enables the doctor to approach the idiosyncrasy (constitution) of his patients and obtain better therapeutic results; a theory greatly welcomed by the most eminent homeopathic schools worldwide.

He has authored the following books:
•Homeopathic Medicine.
•Homeopathic Philosophy and Hippocratic Medicine.
•Chromatics, the correct method for using colours.
•How to compose colour-energy music.
•Homeopathic Pharmacognosy.
•Clinical additions to homeopathic Materia Medica
•Clinical Cases in Homeopathic Medicine.
•Differential Diagnosis in Homeopathic Medicine.
•Lectures on Homeopathy.
•History of Homeopathy.
•Biofeedback, theory and applications.
•Biofeedback applications in everyday life.
•Biofeedback applications in sports and athletics.
•The biofeedback treatment of health problems resulting from stress and anxiety.
•Biofeedback in the management of work related stress.
•Stress control and management - the art and technique of biofeedback.
•Biofeedback strategies for Psychophysiological disorders.
•The nature and mechanisms of stress.
•Systems in relation to feedback. A path to biofeedback.
•You can control stress now – medical biofeedback for stress control, anxiety and fear.
His books have been published in English and seven other languages including Chinese and Japanese, as well as, 21 more books and papers on homeopathic medicine along with his medical team.

  Activities in the Mass Communication Media:
He is regularly writing articles for the daily and periodical press (more than 500 articles and interviews) on homeopathy, biofeedback and health themes and participated in over 2000 radio and  TV interviews on medical themes worldwide.
He produced and presented a weekly medical show titled «File Health» onl Athens TV (1999-2001).

Other activities:
He has two patents issued by the Greek Ministry of Manufacture, Energy and Technology regarding qualitative food control, healthy life style and “energobionomics”, the method he invented for cultivating plants without fertilisers and pesticides.

Social Work:
Almost prophetically in 1974, he strived to raise public awareness regarding danger from fertilizers, pesticides and water abuse in cultivation and invented a special method called “energobionomics”, for cultivating and growing plants based on the utilisation of solar energy and the relevant electromagnetic fields.
In 1977 till 1996 he formed, organized and directed the “Don’t Worry We Care” voluntary medical team and spend several months for years offering gratis medical service and remedies to needy people in Africa and Sri Lanka.
For decades he has offered free medical treatment to the underprivileged and groups with special needs, including the National Special Olympics team.
He trained with biofeedback, free of charge, many athletes in various events, including members of the Greek National Athletic Team (1990-1993).
He donated voluntary medical work for a number of years to third world countries in Asia and Africa, and participated in missions of the International Calubovila Academic and Alternative Medicines Hospital in Sri Lanka.
He organizes blood donation teams from members of the Medical Institute for Homeopathic Research and Application, Pan-Hellenic Homeopathic Medical Association and Homeopathic Hellenic Secretariat.

Interests – Hobbies:
He is currently a member of the alumni chorus of Athens University, a member for six years of the Athens University chorus as a student, and participated in many concerts in Greece and abroad.
He has been engaged in painting since the age of nine and as a painter has held five personal exhibitions.
As a photographer he supported himself while wandering the world and later as professional reporter photographer selling pictures of the places he visited to different magazines and newspapers. Today he is engaged in artistic photography and maintains a fully equipped photography studio.
He plays the trumpet and keyboards, composes music and has a modern sound studio. He composes Colour Energy Music, a type of music he was inspired from the scientific oscillographic sound analysis and his pieces are characterized by the properties of the seven spectrum colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. These musical compositions rely on the fact that the seven notes correspond regarding their properties, to the seven spectral colours, in an upward direction. The musical pieces composed are harmoniously tuned with the help of the electronic oscillograph, so as to contain the properties of the relevant colour. These are described in detail in his book Chromatics, the correct method of using colours, and can thus be used both for entertainment and personal amusement and as well for specific Psychophysiological applications.
He is involved in ecological endeavours and applies the method of energy-bio-cultivation in vegetable and fruit tree cultivations.
He created the International Centre for Homeopathic Medicine which contains an open amphitheatre with a capacity of 2000 people and excellent acoustics. The theatre is a micrographic imitation of the renowned ancient theatre of Epidaurus, having the same seat angle of 22.5 degrees and other similarities to the original ancient theatre.

Athletic activities:
He was a participant in motor sports and motto-cross tournaments (1969-1973).
He has, since 1976, an official diploma as water ski trainer from the Greek General Secretariat of Sports.
He is licensed pilot for speed boats and licensed skipper for off shore sail boats from the Piraeus Open Sea Sailing School.
He is holder of black belt 3 dan in Shotocan karate since 1972.

Social profile:
His rapid evolution in the fields of homeopathy and biofeedback drastically affected the medical market balance in Greece and the medical company he held with his colleagues got ahead in the race for new developments. In 1994 the Hellenic Secretariat of Homeopathy a non for profit organization, had 22.000 members. All these people were patients cured by his medical team and categorically declared their satisfaction from homeopathy and biofeedback and their gratitude to the Diamantidis medical team which was comprised at the time of 45 Medical Doctors. Simultaneously his executory contract for purchasing a clinic and a TV station by his group of companies was widely published.
Certain individuals tried to stop this progress initiating a smear campaign against him and his colleagues. In June 1995 he faced an enormous coordinated media assault in the form of false and groundless accusations that have since been proven were intended to damage his reputation and profession. It was also intended to trap him and his medical team in a labyrinth of trials so as to render them inactive in the medical field and to usurp their clientele.  Suddenly and without any justification, research, or police investigation a sole prosecuting attorney invaded the homes and consulting room privacy of the author and twelve more colleagues, accompanied by a dozen TV reporters with their cameras.
Until that event none of them had any conflict with the law, pending legal actions and they had an absolutely blank criminal record. The prosecuting attorney arrested twelve people without arrest warrants resulting in the arrested individuals’ denial to sign the arrest report. He also holed any item that could help the prosecutor create accusations including even kitchen knifes with blades longer than seven centimetres that according to the letter of the law are named weapons. The twenty eight cases penal load was really havy and many predicted the end of Diamantidis career and “empire”. In 1977 the foretellers seemed to be correct when, during the continuing attack, slanderers succeeded to imprison him during a “peculiar” trial. A group of to this day unknown persons, trapped the phone lines of people who were adverse witnesses and succeeded in recording all the triumphant conversations and laughter when discussing the way they stood-up the case. The unknown individuals placed all the cassette evidence outside the door of Diamantidis lawyer and called him anonymously to collect and use them accordingly. The lawyer gave the evidence to the General Attorney and the Supreme Court. After a forensic examination ordered by the Supreme Court all cassettes examined in England and Greece were found to be original and the court accepted their use for the defendants defence. After this procedure and two months imprisonment the author was set free and in the subsequent trial in the appellate court he was found not guilty thus wining a very precious acquittal. In 2000 and after winning several more acquittals he had almost all the evidence to counterattack the slanderers and the prosecuting attorney. He filed a charge for 42 cases and he made a claim for 64 cases against the four main slanderers and all their false witnesses. He appeared in the Supreme Court against the prosecuting attorney and won the case which ruled that “….all actions of the prosecuting attorney in 1995 i.e. home search, office search, individual arrests, confiscation of goods and chattels etc were not legal and thus null and void and all findings are not able to be used in trials….”  This historical decision opened the path to further action and led to the author’s three victories at the European Court of Human Rights for unfair trial and presumption of innocence and 5 more cases pending before that same Tribunal. After that, the author and nine more defendants filed a charge of hundred twenty pages against the prosecuting attorney accusing him of criminal abuse of authority and breach of duty.
The “Diamantidis case” monopolized the interest of the Media until 2003 when his twenty-eighth and last acquittal from all charges was rendered and left him again with an absolutely blank criminal record. His record, of twenty-eight acquittals on twenty-eight charges, gave him the title of the most-accused innocent person in the Hellenic judicial history.
During these very hard and difficult years the author and his defendant colleagues had the moral support and expressions of love from many people who were benefited by them. Hundreds of people left their work and appeared in the court audience as a demonstration of assistance and support. Many of these people actively participated in the campaign to exonerate him and organized protest marches during his trials. All these warm feelings were consolating and a driving force to continue until final restitution and relief.
Due to his personal experience in defending against groundless and unjustified civil and criminal attacks of slanderers, attain a fully victorious outcome and counter attack lawfully while continuing on with his extensive medical work, he is known in the biofeedback field as the “veteran”, the one who has demonstrated through his survival and recovery under extremely adverse conditions that he knows how to cope with stress, anxiety and fear.
For the same reason as a homeopath, in the circles of international journalism he is referred to as the “Mandela” of Medicine.