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The biofeedback model

Biofeedback is by far the most effective method through which man can accomplish speed learning. Speed learning is not identical with speed reading, since the former implies and encompasses the latter. Furthermore, speed learning aims at assimilating a very high percentage of the information reaching the brain. This indicates that simply speed reading does not suffice, it is essential that the person incorporates what he has read and is capable of revoking it easily from memory at any given moment.

This capability of biofeedback is chiefly based on the fact that as a scientific method it utilizes real and objective data which are fed back by the biofeedback devices, and its results are completely objective, measurable and repeatable, given that it unfolds your inherent capacities, those you possess but do not take advantage of, and does not endeavor to raise new ones.

Lozanof discovered yet another aspect of the body-mind relationship, which emerged from long studies on individuals with supernatural or extraordinary capacities, such as yogis, people with super-memory and human “computers”. The measurements resulting from diverse monitoring devices affirmed that when these subjects were accomplishing their amazing mental feats their body was in relaxation and the brain produced alpha-waves, a frequency indicating relaxation (7-13 circles per second). They did not exert any voluntary pressure on their minds to function. Whatever was going on occurred without any effort. They were in a state of passive or spherical attention.

The reason why it takes you quite some time to read a text is that whether you read it out loud or silently, your vocal cords are vibrating and recite the text, even without making a sound.

This plainly and logically means that if you could immobilize your vocal cords while reading, then the speed your brain is capable of receiving information could be utilized.

The ability to read a text without reciting it with your vocal cords is obtained through biofeedback training.

A particular state of tranquility, calmness and global attention can be reached. This state is characterized by lack of attachment to anything in specific, a state defined as global or spherical in terms of perception and conception.
Many studies convey that in this state the brain presents its highest capacity to perceive and perform.

Special biofeedback training assisted with the encephalograph helps you learn how to reproduce this particular state of serenity, calmness and global attention especially in studying, when it is even more necessary.