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Participants' testimonies

Participants' testimonies

Benefits obtained by the trainees through the application of biofeedback method, as recorded by the trainees themselves on the evaluation sheets:

In more than 8.000 evaluation sheets evaluating the efficiency of the training program, the benefits gained and the disposition to suggest further the programme at a grading scale from 1 to 5, 93.6% of the participants graded with a 5 and 6.4% with a 4. No lower grade or negative comments was noted.

“Biofeedback helped my work team reduce labour accidents by 63%”.
Technical Director Daewoo Shipbuilding


“With the aid of biofeedback fatigue was significantly reduced in my work team and our productivity increased by 12%”.
Technical Director Nippon Industries


“My team of salesmen was the best bonded and most functional of the decade thanks to the biofeedback techniques we used, despite my initial scepticism”.
Team Manager Royal Dutch Shell


“I focus better now and can teach for endless hours without any distress. I recommend biofeedback to all my trainees”.
High Performance Golf Trainer


“Night sleep is so enjoyable. I feel I have more energy”.
BranchDirector, AlphaBank

“Less muscle and neck tension. I am more tolerant with people who before made me feel agitated and unpleasant”. 
Human Resource Officer, Marfin Popular Bank


“I am calmer, less irritable, hear what others have to say with more patience and pay attention”.
Legal Department, Cooperative Central Bank


“Annoying symptoms such as stiffness, palpitation and sweaty hands were reduced”.
Head of Department, Cooperative Central Bank


“I feel more confident to deal with stress”. 
Personnel and Administration Director, Cyprus Port Authority


“My productivity went up. I have a more positive attitude, feel calmer, more patient and with more energy”.
Human Resource Officer, Marfin-PopularBank


“I am stronger, sleep better, feel calmer and have started taking better care of myself and diet”.
Human Resource Officer, HR Cyprus Department


“I tackle in a calmer and more effective way tough situations at work”.
Internal Control Officer, Cyprus Tourist Organization

“I feel revived. I respond more positively both to work and in my personal life. It was exactly what I was looking for.” 
Director Allianz Insurance

“Relationships with my supervisors improved greatly, with my subordinates too”.
Human Resource Department Officer, Hellenic Bank 

“I clear my desktop in half the time than before and with no mistakes”.
Director Eurowings Business & Leisure Ltd

“I enjoy feeling refreshed and optimist; I am calmer and more patient; I have more energy and I am more productive”.
Director of Pangipriaki Insurance

“I am more tranquil; with increased mental clarity and observance”.
Human Resource Management, Cyprus Electricity Authority

“Now, I deal with tough situations at work without becoming too stressed”
Branch Director, Bank of Cyprus

“I am definitely calmer, less irritable or nervous. I no more need a noon nap; I enjoy my night sleep. I feel I have more energy”.
Branch Director, Alpha Bank

“At the end of my day I feel way less tired than before. Also, my blood pressure is lower”.
Branch Director, Marfin-Popular Bank