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You Can Control Stress Now

You Can Control Stress Now

The author is well aware that you are a terribly busy person with no time at all for reading, so he suggests not to buy this book because it will prove so enticing that you will give up everything else in the next couple of days to read it through.
He also knows that you rarely take decisions to apply something positive to yourself, unless driven to the edge by necessity, that is, when already on the verge of collapse or destruction.
Since everything you do is dictated by pressing necessity, never by from your personal will, do not buy this book.
Give this book as a revenge-gift to a multi-tasked and busy person you wanted to get back at, but don’t be surprised if after a few months he declares you his benefactor.
Of course, if he is the “keep-it-all-locked-inside” type you will never get the feedback to read this book.
So, you will miss the opportunity to learn how to desensitize from stressors and anxiety inducing factors that harass and tantalize you.
But you have already read too much. Put it down. Besides, are you sure you want to know what “sharpen the saw” means?