Who we are

We are a scientific, medical team working together for more than 25 years.
At the head of our team is Dr Spiro Diamantidis, MD. We have been organizing for the last 25 years researches, conferences, workshops, lectures and seminars in the field of Biofeedback and Neurophysiology in Cyprus, Greece, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Canada, USA, Dubai, etc.. We always have in mind the benefit of you and your company, either you participate in our programs as a person,  as a director of your company, or just as an employe of a company or organization. We also believe that training is the backround for the continous development either of a person or a company. New skills are necessary to be acquired in order to be able to compete either in the personal or the professional level. In the 21st certury many studies of serious organizations worldwide have shown this:

 success belongs to the companies or persons which they have developed their human capital”.Developing your human capital through biofeedback is an everlasting and invaluable investment



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