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The seminars that are conducted in Cyprus are approved by the Cyprus Human Resource Development Authority(HRDA). Corporations that participate with their employees who fulfil the criteria set by the HRDA are subsidized for their participations to the seminars

Workplace stress is what you experience for 8 hours every day at your job; this is too often carried back home, haunting also your personal life. Stress is like a fire. Controlled stress gives energy, strength and fuels creativity. Uncontrolled stress is catastrophic for an organism; to the body and mind. Workplace stress is a worldwide epidemic spreading to corporations; making no distinctions in nations or occupations. (United Nations, International Labour Organization, 2006)

Employees are the cells of a company. When employees suffer from workplace stress the entire company under-performs, becomes inefficient and is at risk. Companies in turn form the cells of national economies. Thus, when companies suffer from workplace stress entire economies are actually at risk.

Work stress must be addressed otherwise we face the danger of economic collapse which can not be restrained by solely economic measures. (European Agreement  on workplace stress 2006)


Proactive interventions to reduce stressogenic factors (stressors) at the workplace proved beneficial for the health of employees and national economies. (European Foundation on Living and Labour Conditions, 2005)

The impact of workplace stress appears to affect more women. (AnnualReviewonlabourconditionsinE.U 2005-2006).

Workplace stress costs to the USA $500 billions per year.  (USA Treasury Department, 2005)

Workplace stress costs €687 billion annually to the E.U. (European Observatory of Labor Conditions in the E.U, 2005)

Biofeedback is the top ranking scientific method to address workplace stress in the USA. (American Statistical Association

Biofeedback is the practical application of neurophysiology. You watch on your computer’s monitor how stress affects vital functions, and get trained to desensitize from stress inducing factors.
It is an absolutely exact and objective procedure based on the measurements made by special electronic devices. The results remain for life, like your driving skills. Once automation has been established you enjoy your work, as you now enjoy car travelling while chatting, observing or coming up with solutions for pending issues . The training program is interactive, especially designed and your trainer is an expert scientist instructor.

“Biofeedback helped my work team reduce labour accidents by 63%”. Technical Director Daewoo Shipbuilding

“With the aid of biofeedback fatigue was significantly reduced in my work team and our productivity increased by 12%”. Technical Director Nippon Industries

“My team of salesmen was the best bonded and most functional of the decade thanks to the biofeedback techniques we used, despite my initial scepticism”. Team Manager Royal Dutch Shell

“I focus better now and can teach for endless hours without any distress. I recommend biofeedback to all my trainees”. High Performance Golf Trainer

“Night sleep is so enjoyable. I feel I have more energy”. BranchDirector, AlphaBank

“Less muscle and neck tension. I am more tolerant with people who before made me feel agitated and unpleasant”.  Human Resource Manager, Marfin Popular Bank

“I am calmer, less irritable, hear what others have to say with more patience and pay attention”. Legal Department, Synergistic Central Bank

“Annoying symptoms such as stiffness, palpitation and sweaty hands were reduced”. HeadofDepartment, Synergistic Central Bank

“I feel more confident to deal with stress”.  Personnel and Administration Director, Cyprus Port Authority

“My productivity went up. I have a more positive attitude, feel calmer, more patient and with more energy”. Human Resource Manager, Marfin-PopularBank

“I am stronger, sleep better, feel calmer and have started taking better care of myself and diet”. Human Resource Manager, HR Cyprus Department

“I tackle in a calmer and more effective way tough situations at work”.  Internal Control Manager, Cyprus Tourist Organization

“I feel revived. I respond more positively both to work and in my personal life. It was exactly what I was looking for.”  DirectorAllianzInsurance

“Relationships with my supervisors improved greatly, with my subordinates too”. Human Resource Department, Greek Bank     

“I clear my desktop in half the time than before and with no mistakes”.
Director Eurowings Business & Leisure Ltd

“I enjoy feeling refreshed and optimist; I am calmer and more patient; I have more energy and I am more productive”. Director of Pan-Cyprus Insurance

“I am more tranquil; with increased mental clarity and observance”.
Human Resource Management, Cyprus Electricity Authority

“Now, I deal with tough situations at work without becoming too stressed”
Transactions Department, Cyprus Bank

“I am definitely calmer, less irritable or nervous. I no more need a noon nap; I enjoy my night sleep. I feel I have more energy”. Branch Director, Alpha Bank

“At the end of my day I feel way less tired than before. Also, my blood pressure is lower”. Branch Director, Marfin-Popular Bank

Our international scientific team is comprised by physicians and health care professionals specialized in biofeedback applications in many countries, and our 25 years experience has built a tradition in clinical applications, education, sports and human resource management that guarantees your proper and effective training.

WORKPLACE STRESS CONTROL is achieved through a training program called “REDUCE STRESS AND INCREASE CREATIVITY AT THE WORKPLACE”; the seminars that are conducted in Cyprus are approved by the Cyprus Human Resource Development Authority(HRDA). Corporations that fulfill the criteria set by the HR department are subsidized, either individually or as groups, to enable them offer to their employees our training seminars.




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