HRDA Funded Seminars in Cyprus

"Reduce Stress and Increase Creativity within the workplace.” This unique and pioneering training program has been applied with great success in Nicosia, Limassol and Larnaca, for each semister of the year, since 2005.   It is funded from the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus (HRDA). The  seminars are held in luxurious hotels and last 12 hours, divided in two six hours sessions. You can participate personally or through your company. Same seminars can be held anytime, after approval from the HRDA, for the all or part of the personell of your company or organization.
During these high-tec  seminars you are trained in all biofeedback techniques so as to learn practically and easily how to control the stress at workplace and increase your creativity, with all the benefits which this means for you personally as well as for your company or organization: More energy, increased performance and productivity, less anger and better cooperation in the workplace, less fatigue feeling, more optimism, better memory and concentration, , better sleep, stronger organism against the colds, healthier sexual life etc. Since the costs of work-related stress are huge, and the only sure investment finally is the human capital, now you have an invaluable choice, for you and your company. A must seminar for every modern businessman and for everybody.

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