How can it benefit you

Biofeedback, as a natural and physiological function, is meant for all of us. Viewed from the angle of the offered benefits biofeedback concerns those who deem as essential to exploit their entire potential and be freed from stress and anxiety.

Granted that every biofeedback protocol is based upon your potentialities and needs, it essentially represents a tailored suit. How well it fits depends on the tailor, your trainer. But let’s treat the issue in a more exhaustive manner.
The definitions and analyses referred above made clear that practical and applied biofeedback is divided into two big sections, depending on whether it serves a therapeutic or regulatory purposes. The first great category refers to therapeutic or clinical biofeedback and the second refers to regulatory and preventive biofeedback.
Τhe first category of biofeedback applications encompasses the therapeutic treatment of illnesses and syndromes, whereas the second engages in the regulation of the organism, enabling us to normalize some of our physiologal functions, leading so to disease prevention and or to optimal performances, therefore being multiply beneficial. Often, biofeedback application is mixed and everything depends upon the needs of your organism.
Your trainer or therapist will evaluate your needs and suggest the suitable program.
You, therefore, decide on what category you think you belong.

-Are you a person presenting some torturing psychosomatic symptoms, wishing to get rid of them?
-Are you a stressed and anxious modern person, realizing that you are on the brink of your resistance and in need of regulations in order to endure?
-Are you a college or university student with high aspirations, who has to read heaps of books in a short time to avoid loosing the semester?
-Are you an administrative executive in a firm, almost about to loose your job from your rage explosions?
-Are you a student? Do your future studies seem like a tall order to you? Is anxiety nailing you down, do you think that no matter how hard you try you will accomplish nothing and thus quit trying?
-Are you a highly promising athlete who aims at peak performances?
-Are you a journalist living in the frenzy of everyday life, news and deadlines?
-Are you an actor who prefers to get established to the broader public or to an audience circle that selects you? Since you can in a one circle, why not in every other as well?
-Are you an administrative director loaded with many responsibilities, do you have to settle successfully a heap of abeyances, to deal and smooth out complains and conflicts?
-Are you a driver in town and must always be “alert”?
-Are you a woman with two school age kids, who works, wakes up at sunrise or stays up late at night to cook, who returns from work and must study with the kids, play the “taxi” to and from their out-of-school activities, who must have a thousand hands?
-Are you a career woman, who works around the clock to make both ends meet who finds that there is never enough time to arrange both your works and take good care of yourself?
-Are you in the trade or in business struggling everyday with expiring cheques, living the market frenzy and competition, having to organize and supervise your stuff?
-Are you a manager, insurer, administrative executive who must be psychomentally flexible every moment so as to use in the best possible way your potential?
-Are you a salesman full with anxiety about your presentation and its outcome?
-Are you in the teaching profession and have to deal daily with those “sweet monsters”, and i “win them over”, inspire and drive them to the proper learning and moral direction? Does this task seem to you a bit tough in our age?
-Are you a scientist working under harsh conditions with payment, however, incommensurate to your work, a burden which you cannot unload?
-Are you an intern or hospital doctor working exhausting time tables, facing desperate relatives or emergencies which call for all your body and soul reserves, and demand instant composed action?
-Are you in private practice overwhelmed with the survival anxiety or the desire move up in rank in your professional field?
-Are you an employee and everybody are pressing? Does your boss too take it out on you?
Are you working smoothly in your job, but feel “stuck in the groove” and this “gets on your nerves”?
-Are you participating in public affairs? Besides feeling stressed from your unavoidable public exposure, do you also fret on how you will survive and prevail over rumors, intrigues and nastiness?
-Are you a judge who must rule imperturbably and uninfluenced from circumstances? Does this fact raise inside you a lot of stress?
-Are you an attorney, fighting daily with adversities?
-Are you a person without occupational, family or financial problems, everything is working fine for you, however you worry too much about your health and you wish to strengthen it?

If you identify with one of the above then biofeedback is suitable for you.


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